Monday, January 28, 2013


Ok.............. So Time to be brutally honest........ I got up to 329 during pregnancy with Daniel Reason.  Hate that I got up to that, Hate that all the water retention was causing so many issues......... so but being that honest...........  I know I took pregnancy pics  the whole time but I also took these.............

 Excuse the funky faces. I was NOT excited I talked my self into taking these pics. Now you can see why I was so miserable!!! That is One hell of a stretching on the skin... Tons of water......  I had a close up of the skin on the bottom but I can not find it now... but you could see the fluid and how it was making my skin have bumps and grossness!!! it was awful!

So that is what caused them to have to leave me open to let extra fluid seep out for 2 days..........  which was wildly entertaining!  well to me at least!!!

Top Picture Left Open after c-section on 12-5-12 picture from same date as surgery.

Middle picture is from staple removal day on 12-11-12 already had a few removed at this point... that hubby took pic...  THe red scratch marks are from the sand paper for when they were using the beacon to keep track of Daniel Reason in the L&D on the 4th &5th

and here we are 6 weeks later! scar on top of scar... but looking better no scabs just still fresh looking... 

So, I hope if you are not one to like blood and guts literally then i sure hope that you did NOT make it this far!!!  I see nothing wrong with these pics its for pure knowledge and understanding of what went on.. and medically i find it beyond fascinating!!! bottom pic is me also down 50 lbs.......... which 75% was fluid and 25% baby Daniel hahahaha.....
SO... On to food in another blog! Peace out MONKEYS!!!!!

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