Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday milkdowns........

So, It's Monday! Everyone always whines and cries that its the start of a week. I am sure many people have manic Mondays... Yes I am singing the song now ;) SO the following is just for your pure MONDAY ENJOYMENT =)

So, I have decided... With Manic Mondays, and Melt downs... That its totally Mommy's Milkdown Mondays... Silly I know. But really, in my house, when you think the twins are having a melt down... It is strictly related to Milk! Its a MILK down. Like now. Its 6:30 at the moment  When 11 am or 6 pm hit.. Its totally a MILKDOWN! Majorly! if you Try to ignore them. GOD HELP YOU!  At that exact moment, You MUST drop everything (just kidding) and Cater to their Milk with drawls.  Now at 6pm when it comes time, you must also have them at the kitchen table with colors or markers or clay or playdoh or paint etc. Something to get them mesmerized while your cooking dinner.  Or like me at the moment blogging while dinner is finishing up because your spending time with them, singing songs to them and watching them color. Your still in the moment. So, I really am not one to whine and complain about Mondays.  In all honesty it is not the beginining of the week its the 2nd day of the week. My week, or should I say OUR week in our house, Starts on Sundays!!!
We start on Sundays by spending time with the Body of CHRIST in the House of the Lord.
So, My Monday MILKDOWN...... is.....

I am so TIRED of this weather!!! Its nice and warm during the days which makes me want to take the kids out and enjoy the weather... then its either freezing cold that night or the next day....... I have decided that Mother Nature must be a bipolar menopausal woman!

Then there is the there are never enough hours in a day... between Daniel,  Gabriel and Ezekiel, House cleaning... spending time with the hubby and all the rest of the stuff......... there is always a ton of to do's left for the next day..

And then thirdly there is the fact that we have been sick, everyone around town is sick so we have not been venturing out and have not been able to actually have our Sunday's with our church family... which is sickening to me in its self......

Really This is about all I have for my milkdown Monday....... ;)
Hope all is well with you all out there. Tons more of blogging to come with things we will be doing and fixing up as the months pass by this year...
Love To you all!

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