Sunday, October 9, 2011

Worry free Zone………..

Do You always worry?  Worry about not having enough time?  About not spending enough time with the kids?  Or with the husband?  Are you a constant Non stop worrier?  Say From the moment your eyes pop Open in the morning Till the moment you lay your head down on the pillow?  Nothing but constant worries?


I Have decided that today, I have a worry free room.  A place that even with family, friends, My Boys……… That will always be worry free. Why?

Because, You really just cant worry when your having fun in the kitchen.

As I was cooking dinner with the Husband tonight.  I realized what a stress reliever it is even cooking with him. Your hands get messy, The aromas in the air are so therapeutic.   It to me is really a never ending joy in the kitchen.  What's the point in always stressing?  And why worry about well its quicker to get fast food.  Or easier to just to sit at a restaurant!  Than to think of the family time you get! One, at the family dinner table. But, Two, is while your in the kitchen together cooking and enjoying the great company!

I know that even at almost 8 months old, Gabriel and Ezekiel Love being in the kitchen with mommy!  They love to watch and of course LOVE to eat!  So, why not start out early teaching then the right things?

Let’s teach our children how to cook, and rely on their selves and not on restaurants and fast food chains. Which I will forever stand on my words and thoughts saying that is helping the obesity epidemic.

When I was growing up, my mother always cooked. We would 3 square meals a day and a snack or dessert occasionally.  Nothing to it.  There wasn’t this I’ll grab doughnuts on the way to drop you off at school.  Or the whole Oh well, I guess its cereal for breakfast.  Oh hey honey your hungry after school?  Well, let me just fill  you up with tons of nutrition and feed you some McDonalds.  For my Family Pizza was a once a month treat.  Yes you heard right, ONCE a MONTH!  We rarely went out to a restaurant to eat.  But why would we? My mother could cook, Italian, Mexican, Pilipino, German, Irish, You name it we could eat it.


Oh and Now I bet your having the oh well what about special occasions?  What if you wanted to eat out for your birthday…… Well, I have to say I could name what ever meal or course I wanted for a birthday and we could celebrate it at home.  Yes a real shocker. A birthday at home with family. I remember being 12 years old and I told her I would love some crab and lobster for my birthday.  And that is exactly what I got for my birthday dinner.  Who could really ask for more? What more do you need in life than the simple worry free things?

I truly think, That a lot of us would be so much happier if we went back to simpler things.  And believe it or not it was much more worry free back then.  And not just for me being a child, But for the parents and Grand parents.  What person things its so right to spend $200-300 per kid per birthday?  And we wonder why we have struggling parents? Struggling families? Families with so much stress and worry?

Not Having it!!

These boys will be raised Knowing the true value of money. Knowing that Money also does not grow on trees. That if you work hard for something, that you will feel so pleased when you finally get it.  The right way. No stealing, no thieving. Nothing of that sort.

Which brings me to a new report I saw on Television the other night. They were reporting the percentages of kids who will end up smoking, or doing drugs or doing alcohol before the ages set for the legal ones. And it all comes down to…………………..Eating together as a family and how often you do that.

Now we know I have two sons, and the chances in the future of a soccer game here, a foot ball game there, maybe some tennis or piano lessons thrown in on another day/night is actually very high.  But the chances of my letting them miss a family dinner?  Slim to none!  This is the place that a family can take time away from the television, away from the video games even away from books or school work. And you might enjoy the outcome of this.  The actual conversations that start with your children. Wouldn’t that be nice? And we also wonder how so many couples lose touch with each other? HELLO!?!?!?! Eat an actual meal together.

But I say still put in the little more added effort of getting everyone in the kitchen to cook! Set up prepping stations.  Have someone chop the salad ingredients, and someone boil the water, and another stirring up some sweet concoction.

Tonight for us, TO me, Set the mood, I had the chicken chopped and put in the broth waiting for it to boil. and Keith was mixing up the ingredients for the dumplings, which I had already set out on the counter. And what happened during this time?

We had playful witty banter, we kissed and talked and enjoyed the simplicity of the moment. Which lead to a nice home cooked meal we could eat with the twins. Next we bathed them and laid them down to the bed. After that we had a few moments sitting out side listening to the rain in the still of the dark night. And even attempted to watch a movie (which was a total dud). Now I am all rested feeling and totally relaxed. Ready to curl up chat for a bit and hit the sack.  No stress what so ever! No worries! What a blessing from the Lord tonight.  to open my eyes and let me realize this is what life is all about. And this is what can make us all in this house hold happy!

I know I am starting to ramble on but do just this for me.

Make some chicken and dumplings for you and your family.

Start with boiling chicken,

then remove it and chop it up.

skim the broth and remove the fats.

add the chicken back in, bring it to a boil………….. and use drop dumplings, or freezer dumplings or even biscuits. But do it as a family!!! In the end its much more than just food.  It’s a heart warming family meal and it will be so much more pleasurable to eat than any foods you have eaten before!

Well, Headed to bed at this very amazing moment.
Good night to you all and Blessings to each of you also.

In HIS Grace,

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Possums, Armadillos and Coons OH MY!

On days like today, I realize why I have always said I am a city girl. Nothing Country about me!

Well, I guess there is the fact that I love boots and western clothes……… Which by the way have come a LONG way over the years of my life.  But, its bad….. And very sad when Your husband, The one raised in The city of Houston his whole life, Is more country than you!

Now, I was born in Houston, and have always had a love of smog, traffic, shopping, malls, museums, night life, and you get the point there.  We went down almost every weekend growing up, and for certain every holiday. It was always where I swore I would of ended up living.

But, Instead I am here.  In the small city of Crockett.  The city that seems to always suck you back in no matter how hard, how much or how often you try to get away.  And it is here, that since I have been with my sweet husband Keith, That I have seen and been closer to the following;




and the never live down how I responded on face book…………….


And I promise in my now 29 years of life, I was never ever this close to any of those until meeting and Marrying Keith.

How can this be? I have lived here in this town for about 26 years.  Is it that I moved on the opposite side of town? Is it Karma for marrying Keith? BAW HA HA. I know that’s silly but I really do wonder at times. Now would I hunt something on my own free will?  Oh yes I think I might try.  I can shoot a gun. Well that was also at a non moving target. But I was very precise in my actions with it. Perfect aim, And that was the first, last, and Only time I have ever pointed to shoot a gun!

Now Looking back at the Armadillos, Which for those of you who don’t know, If it’s a state animal of any sort, it is then forbidden to kill. Illegal even! But These critters keep coming to my porch, on my property. They were a lil family, Which Thanks be to God, had an untimely Death, Seems it was totally 100% of natural causes!  But for many days and Nights I couldn’t, wouldn’t, leave the house.  How can I bring up two amazing little boys when I am scared of such critters?

 htc phone 2011 through may 2677

This is when I realize that I am very grateful for the husband that I have and that he is here to raise these children with me.  For if he wasn’t? I’m very afraid we would have some very sissified mommas boys here.


I know I might be rambling a bit, But my hands are still shaky from the thoughts of the Coon, who I know is sitting there in that tree still. Waiting. JUST WAITING………………. probably to get my pumpkins………….  Which just adds to the terror of thinking and knowing I will have nightmares after tonight.

Well, Its getting late and This Twinkie Mami, has a huge garage sale she is starting, tomorrow morning. Which I have been preparing for mentally and physically for about 4 weeks now.

Thought for the night…………………….

If you were to teach your children 5 things in life……….. Just 5……….. That they remember and live by forever. What would they be. (5 for the reason that its October 5th still and its kind of  nice number)

Sweet dreams to you all. And God bless!

In His Wonderful Grace,


Thursday, September 15, 2011

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