Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reasons Reasons Reason...... ;)

So, I know It has been quite a while since I have updated this blog.. It has been a whirl wind Romance with me and Daniel Reason.  Its been a while ride this whole time.
Last time that I updated on here it was 11-20-12.  it is now 1-15-13.........

                                                             Last Shot of me Carring Daniel Reason. 35 weeks
 I had two more appointments in Nacadogches  in the month of November.. Then I was called on Nov 30th,  and told I needed to rush down to Galveston So, we packed up and loaded up. Got my mom to come over. etc...... Got down there..... they checked me in did all the normal....... and still treated me kinda stupid. well come that sunday. I told em to kiss it and signed out AMA pissing off several people i know..... and guess what. I DONT CARE!  I had an appt on Tuesday. with Marlo, Had a level 2 ultra sound  ........ So we Drove home Sunday, Spent the day at home on Monday Loving on my Twinks, Then Tuesday morning Headed right back down to Galveston all packed up again....... knowing that If she said I had to stay....... I would totally just have to suck it up.  Got there.. Saw Marlo, She did want me to stay... i had more weight gain and more everything going on again... Oh and lets stop and think for a min..... The first time I went down to Gal I signed away my Fallopian tubes =) Then. On this Saturday I was there I signed again. and In between I signed em again... apparently they never could find the papers  That i signed saying i wanted to be cut stapled and burned. lets keep this in mind for a min.
So, She (Marlo)  told us that we should just take our time, Go get lunch, Come back for the Level two Ultrasound.... then Head straight to L&D to be admitted..........
Well we decided that since we were having my "last meal" that I wanted it to be good, I knew this time I would be staying in the hospital by my self, sending my dear husband home to be with the kids and waiting out til Daniel arrived...... SO, We went and ate Salt grass!! YUMMO! I ate steak med rare with bacon wrapped jalapeno stuffed bbq'd shrimp.  salad and parm-asiago cheese. I still remember that meal on 12-4- like it was yesterday!!!  So we went back for the level two........ got a great money shot of his um... member ;)

Found out they thought the lil chunker would weigh 10 lbs 1 oz......  they were totally shocked calculated that if he stayed in til what they said my due date would be .... he would weigh over 12 lbs.  What a shocker! for a chunk who still had 4 + weeks to bake!!!
left there walked back to the 7th floor trying to catch Marlo to see what she would say about the weight and his size... added to what all my complications were. but she was out of the office, so back down to the 3rd floor to get checked in......  got checked in, put into a stupid lil tiny room to get monitored, then shipped from l and d to the perinatal ish area to stay, they kept asking how i felt if anything was worse and it was so then next think i knew they said they would send in a dr and check on me..... when they did they decided they were going to go on and do a c-section.. so, 9 pm i was moved back to L&D to a delivery room to be set up and watched.  He wouldn't stay on the NST so I got to try a new thing..... called a Beacon........  it has sticky tabs that they put on your belly, its about 5 of those i believe its then runs to a lil thing that has lights and shows if it is connected or not and shows his heart beat which travels through the air waves over to the nst machine which has the stand like part plugged into it which make it read the one on me. super cool cause you do not have to lay in a certain position, or pray the baby stays....  no having to have all the pressure on you from the having to have the belts so tight on you... only odd thing was that to get a great connection.. they pretty much take sand paper to your skin haha felt really funny!
They put an iv in.... shoved in tons of different meds and things, that only took about 5 sticks. Then... i found out they did NOT have my signature on the fix me papers any where..... which means, i was too late........ has to be 72 hrs signed before you have a premature baby, and 3 months i believe before a full term..... Lets talk about aggravated, frustrated and the last person you wanted to see at that moment. I was VERY ugly!!! finally they decided that from the head man over the hospital ... that if I signed and wrote out that i under stood it all...... that i could go on and get it done I would be the EXCEPTION to the rules and regulations they have to stand by...... YAY ME! haha.
So we were told first around 5 am we would have a baby.................. then we were told around 7.... then around 8........... then finally we were told 9 am i would be taken back........... and I was!!! WOOHOO
I was more nervous and fearful giving birth to Daniel in the OR having a C-section... than i was when i was vaginally delivering Gabriel, and actually more than when i was rolled into the OR to be put under and give birth to Ezekiel.
Took forever to get things settled and me adjusted in there ........ and when I finally was, and Daddy got to come in........ this is what I saw........... the whole time they were slicing and dicing me....

He was such a champ! So loving so concerned about me. Constantly asking if I was ok, telling me I was doing good, rubbing on me and kissing on me trying to keep me calm... mean while the whole time I was just laying there trying to fight back the tears, trying to control my breathing .... and stay "together"...... and then the moment I heard him.......... was priceless.......
I didnt get to hear Ezekiel cause i was put under, Gabriel was soo quite when he cried cause he was so tiny.
But My Daniel Reason..... He let us know he was there.... A happy healthy  baby boy... Did i mention he was a chunk??

 Daniel Reason Mahanay
10 lbs 5 oz 
Born at "36" weeks

Our newest member! Our Newest addition to our Pride and Joys....
While he and daddy were taken out of the OR to get him checked and all that good stuff. I was getting cut tied and burnt =) After 3 beautiful boys, I was ready for this moment. The moment knowing that I will not have to worry about leaving my boys behind because of a horrific traumatic 3rd complicated pregnancy.  Knowing that It will be our own version of My three sons =)
knowing that Unless GOD really really really wanted to keep proving doctors wrong....... and to keep letting me get pregnant......... that... I wont get pregnant again...... It was truly annoying how many drs and nurses questioned my sanity of having 3 sons and not trying  for the golden ticket and getting a daughter............... I just dont feel like i need a girl to feel complete..... to be happy. I was never supposed to even be pregnant anyways and now here  I am 3 beautiful boys......... that have stolen my heart....... 
So, Daddy got to bring Reason back in to me and i got to kiss him before he left to go to ISCU, (infant special care unit) 
Again I didnt get to hold one of my babies before they had to be rushed out. 
but really he was good..... nothing was that bad or that wrong. to be so "early" not that it was that early... but, he didnt have the issues we were all expecting. he only had the "diabetic" issues that are normal. 

here we have,  Mommy Holding Daniel for the first time, Mommy giving him his first bottle feeding that he did wonderful with.  and hes 1 day old in....
then Daniel in his Car seat for the car seat test that he passe with flying colors, 12-9
Daniel ready to go home in the following car seat pic with his sock monkey blanket, and then Our friend Melinda The nurse Karen(oh nurses names were a trip!! the ones that we heard the most were Karen and Ashley! TRIPS! family names of members that are angels over Daniel from Keith's side)   and then All my loves home and happy under one roof!!!



Been home and settling in for quite a while now....  Its taken 4 weeks home with Daniel for Gabe and Zeke to start warming up to him and realizing that not Daniel or mommy and daddy will be leaving... and to get back to our routine. Thank Goodness!
Our Reason at Christmas........ =)

 Well, let me admit on here.... I have been worried about the twins.... Not bad, but worried because they twin talk so much, I talked to our Pedi and we had ECI come out today......... I would just rather be ahead of a problem than to be lost and not on the ball. So, today she said they are doing great but she will be back out on next tuesday to do the evual. and  see where they are and where they stand on the talking becuse yes all the rest is above and beyond.
SO, I now have you caught up on me and my family and what has been going on. I will be back to blogging sooner than later more often. Im sure i bore Facebook with my pics and statuses. so I will be back here VERY VERY SOON!!!!
Also be sure to hope on over to Cooking blog Trying to get it all together and Run this house GREAT! I am a SUPER MOM WANNA BE!!!!!
So, This super mananabe ;) is signing off!
Love ya all thanks for the reads.... Gotta say Wish more of you had gmails so i could get more comments, heck any comments at all! =P

p.s quick lil note: I will have an addition to this blog later... but it will be kinda of a mature and graphic nature. so its not posted with this part. and i will warn in the title of the next =) promise