Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I have been think a lot lately about trying to post more and more.  Which made me realize today that I want to go a thankful Thursday.  One blog in the week either with one thing I am so very thankful for or with praises and thanks being sang to the Lord for everything big and small though the week. Apparently if I do that I am really going to have to make my self take lil notes and stop and think about every lil moment that gives my heart so much joy through what ever trials, sorrows and tribulations I might have been going though during the week.   Since I thought of this on a Thursday.... and its a topic that we should always think of. . I am going to start.
Throughout the day I kept thinking about my mother. Lynne. I though of so many things even when I was feeling I was stuck in a hellaceous rut. Kids whining and screaming refusing naps pressing my buttons. Painting their self and brothers with their poop.  I kept thinking I am who I am today because of the amazing woman who raised me to be so.
I am not trying to be boastful.  But I'm kind,  loving, caring, helpful, hopeful, sincere, have a God fearing heart, I'm out spoken when needed, I'm a shoulder to cry one, an ear to listen, a hand that will pick you up, I'm typically reliable,  understanding, strong willed, stubborn, an active mom, a woman with a servants heart, open minded but stand firm in my beliefs and standards, I can cook a meal, clean a house, organize, I'm a good hostess to those whom want to be hosted, my Door is always open, I'm polite, well mannered, bashful, yet out going, I'm a woman of many talents and wonders. And all of this plus so much more I received from my mother.

 If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be half of the woman I am today. She instilled so much into me. I owe her more than she will ever know. And I love her to infinity and beyond times a zillion.   She didn't have an easy life. And she never let that kill her spirit. She always fought for what was right and for what and whom she loved. She would give us space but still be there. She would instill morals and values and teach us that family was everything and came first.  She lived to serve God her husband and her kids. She has so many talents and is so smart and beautiful even though she never would say it or believe it.  I hope to accomplish in my life what she has accomplished. I know many would still look down upon and frown on being a wife and mother and not being out in the workforce.  But her job was a million times harder than any job you could get paid to do. I was not an easy child. By any means. I was mean and ugly and hateful about 79% of the time. And when I finally grew up and looked back I realized that no matter what I did or said she was there for me she loved me despite my flaws.  despite my unwavering self destruction. She was there every time I fell every time I stumbled or broke down. She is honestly my best friend . Because of her I take heart and courage in knowing I can be and will be the best mom to my sons I could ever be. I have hope since God gave me her as a mom that I can't take hold and conquer any situation with the help and love of Christ. And not only is she the worlds best mom ever and the best friend a daughter could ever ask for. But when I see her with my children, my baby boys, it brings so much joy to my heart knowing what an amazing grandmother they have.  This is what I am so very thankful for. I am thankful God gave me to her and her to me. To have her raise me and carry me. To have her in my life. To know that she loves me and the kids more than life its self. I know she would do any and everything in her power to help us and do what ever it took to get anything done at any time.  I am beyond blessed and thankful for my momma!!!
The grateful and thankful daughter. 


  1. Oh Lord you have brought joyful tears to my eyes. I do love you unconditionally, with all my heart and being. I am so proud of you for being the woman and mother you are. You are a great wife and person for people to know. Thank you sweet baby girl of mine!

    1. <3 thank you so much mama. I'll love you forever I'll like you for always! !!!!