Thursday, June 13, 2013


Well, As most my friends know We took the kids down for doctor's appointments in Galveston and League City.
Daniel's appointment was fast and easy! 7th floor  and by the time we sat down to feed, we were called back to the offices. all they did was put the lil ear phones in, holding it on easier with this retro looking wanna be 80's head band and read his ears.  Only problem is my lil Reason is a major talker. took a lil longer than i guess it should cause of course you have to have silence while doing these test. but still only about 15 mins and we were done and outta there.
From there we were supposed to go on and head out to San Luis Pass, drop off Frank the wonder pug, and eat a bite and head over to LC.  Well, Of course that did not happen as planned, by the time we got picked up, Reason and I, by Keith and  the twins, well....... we didnt have the extra alloted time for all of that. So, we headed straight to League City.
When we arrived we had a lil over an hour to kill so Keith drove us around and around and around. Best thing I could tell was, Their school district's are awesome down there! I was telling Keith if we ever move it really does have to be to a place like LC because of the schools, and the play grounds and how appealing it is in the area. PLUS! The Stripes gas station! WOW! freaking awesome!!!!  If we would of put gas on a card of theirs we would of gotten it for 3.11!!!! Sad thing is that You can NOT see this station from the freeway and its a bit down the rd at the #22 exit. but it was a gem to find and know about!
Well, Over all the appointments went well. Gabe has to have a 2 person hearing test because he still does not want to cooperate with having things in his ears and stuff like that and I can not blame him.
and with Ezekiel  well, they want him on some nose spray because they think he might have fluid but that it would be more allergy related than not. Dr. Pine is amazing, he him self has twins and understands more than the average bear. and does not want to just jump and say lets do tubes like so many around here want to! short and sweet on this lil update. Will talk more about the kids and san Luis Pass later on.

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