Friday, March 8, 2013

picture memory.....

Some Picture memories... and a special thanks to Tina Kendall who did these wonderful scrapp pages for my first 100+ lbs lost!!! some pics from 2008 and some from around 2010 more like en of 2009 though =) 
I have to say it was easier to lose the weight when kid free too! Props to moms who lose and keep it off for the long haul!!!

Now some face comparisons

 Pink shirt is pre weight loss. back around 2008 when my life change for the better
this re shirt is 100+ lbs gone... around 203 lbs here and in a 14

This is after the twins............ about 250's

 Pregnant with #3 Lil Daniel reason...  took 3x maternity to even kinda fit
about 3 months post Daniel... back into some of my pants prepregnancy but shirts i cant stand snug so larger shirts than i was in :/ 280's

And body shapes....... which is crazy

 Top stripe shirt pic is largest that i know of NON pregnant...
that was in 2007 dec.

Zebra shirt is me playing director =) size xl/14 after weight loss 203 lbs here....

 top pic pregnant with twins.. day before delivery...
this one is my reality pic form after twins... about 250...........

 top is pregant with #3.......... weighed in at 329 day before delivery!!!!!
this one to the left is current around 280 lbs....

Now....looking at sizes like this how could anyone be happy unless they were back t where they were comfortable. i guess if you have been fat your whole life and know nothing different maybe you can be comfortable.... but not me, i dont want to be the fat mom who sits on the side lines... i dont want to be the one worried if i sit down will a wooden or metal chair break or hold me..
just a lil make me stop and think blogs today sorry
peace out!

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